Finally Start Your Podcast + 1 Month Alitu Pass (worth $38)

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Learn exactly how to start your podcast in 15-minute microsteps using our proven process honed over the last decade on over 50,000 podcasters.

You have an idea for a podcast, and you might even have a plan. But where do you start?

Finally, Start Your Podcast is an accessible, low-friction guide for planning and growing a successful podcast.

Each section (or microstep) is a decision or task, and the idea is that, within about 15 minutes, you can either make a plan around it, implement it or disregard it altogether. There’s no “fat” in this book – just the essential info you need to get clued up and on your way.

It’s not unusual to have lots of questions, but some might be holding you back from starting at all. Stopping you from taking action.

You’ve probably already tried to get answers, and if it’s anything like our experience starting out – you're feeling mighty overwhelmed.

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So, if you want to avoid overwhelm, take action, and you need...

  • No Fluff - We value your time, so every single word in this book has earned its place. We’ll get you to where you need to be without any detours or padding.
  • Priceless Planning - Most podcasters quit because they’ve not done the groundwork. We’ll teach you how to build your foundations swiftly, efficiently, and without procrastination.
  • Follow-up Resources - Where anything needs a deeper dive, we provide free follow-up resources for you to explore.
  • Smooth Sailing - Each step is broken down into a logical order and designed in a way that’ll inspire and motivate you.

Then Finally Start Your Podcast is for you.

You'll learn:

✔️ Solid Foundations: Strategies for a standout podcast from the ground up.

✔️ Names & Art That Stick: Create a show identity that's unforgettable.

✔️ Sound Quality Demystified: Choose the right gear for crystal-clear audio.

✔️ Software Stack Simplified: The optimal tools for efficient podcasting workflows.

✔️ Smart Launch Tactics: Techniques for a debut that captures and keeps listeners.

✔️ Content That Connects: Craft episodes that resonate and keep your audience returning.

✔️ Scripts & CTAs That Convert: Engage your audience with compelling calls to action.

✔️ Confidence on the Mic: Tips for delivering your message with authority and warmth.

✔️ Guest Interviews Perfected: Conduct interviews that are both insightful and intriguing.

✔️ Podcast Music Selection: Set the perfect auditory scene for your episodes.

✔️ Efficient Editing & Production: Streamline your editing process for professional results.

✔️ Podcast Website Essentials: Build an online hub that enhances listener engagement.

Every chapter is a step towards podcasting excellence, providing you with actionable insights to not just start, but excel.

What our students say:

"The Podcast Host has been a great guide for me and my journey into podcasting. When I was first starting out, I wasn’t sure what or how to do anything, so I asked Google for help and countless free articles relating to “how to’s” and “best practices” popped up from The Podcast Host.

That’s where it all began. I was so excited about all of the quality information I received, from equipment, to growing your audience, and so much for free! These guys are tried and tested in this field so you can skip some potential mistakes you would make on this journey. They’ve already been there done that, and are here for you and your benefit!" - Ken Cheadle, “The Adverse Effect” podcast

"I joined The Podcast Host’s Academy a few months after starting my first podcast, having listened to the entire back catalogue of their invaluable Podcraft podcast. I had the basics down but was looking for support and guidance on all the usual things – editing, promotion, equipment – as well as a community of like-minded podcasters.

With The Podcast Host, I got all of that and more. I would recommend The Podcast Host to anyone starting out or looking to take their show to the next level." - Conor Reid, "Words To That Effect" podcast

"I can not begin to express how much The Podcast Host has helped me both launch and grow my show.

When I set out to start my podcast, all I had was the passion for what I wanted to talk about. I knew I wanted to launch a podcast because of how accessible they are to a large audience, but I had no idea where to start.

Thanks to the credibility my show has brought me in my industry, I’ve now been able to more than quadruple my social media following. This has opened up all sorts of opportunities I’m looking forward to pursuing. If you’re like me, have a passion, and want to have a smooth launch and steady show growth, I strongly recommend The Podcast Host." - Ashley Renwick – “Waldorfy” podcast

You'll get access to:

  • 12 chapters over 136 pages, in a beautifully laid out digital book
  • BONUS: access to the first part of our launch course, the perfect companion for your book, 40 minutes of video over 7 lessons:
    • What Format or Podcast Type Should I Do?
    • Who is your Show For? Defining your Avatar
    • Finding your Problem/Solution Pair for Irresistible Growth
    • How to Create your Uniqueness & Stand Out
    • How Long Should Your Podcast Be?
    • How Often Should You Release an Episode?
    • How to Script a Podcast Episode

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'Finally start your podcast' provides clear, practical, no-fluff advice for every stage of your podcast journey

136 pages
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Finally Start Your Podcast + 1 Month Alitu Pass (worth $38)

9 ratings
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